Animal Spotlight Tour

Meet some of the most popular residents of SeaWorld San Diego on this informative and interactive one-hour tour. Get up close and personal with amazing bottlenose dolphins and feed other incredible animals such as moray eels and endangered sea turtles.

Exclusive SeaWorld Experiences

Wild Arctic Interaction:

You won’t want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime encounter with animals from the Wild Arctic. Immerse yourself in a whole new world where you’ll make new friends with barking seals, massive walruses and huge polar bears. You won’t believe the overwhelming power and majestic grace of the beluga whales as you slip into your wet suit and become one with these awesome animals in the Wild Arctic Interaction Program.

Trainer for a Day:

With SeaWorld San Diego’s exclusive Trainer for a Day program, you’ll live your dream of gliding through the water with amazing dolphins on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Get an intimate look at dolphin feeding and behavior patterns and then get face-to-face with the SeaWorld pod to hear exclusive dolphin communications. Share lunch time with these friendly creatures and learn about animal health from world-renowned experts. There’s nothing like the grace and fluid beauty of these personable, remarkable animals—reserve your space now to become a Trainer for a Day at SeaWorld San Diego.